Columbus Transportation


The Columbus Foods Company was started in the mid-1930. An Italian immigrant named Michael Gagliardo opened a grocery store in the street level unit of his apartment building at Chicago and Howe Avenues in Chicago. The senior Gagliardo and his son, Michael V. Gagliardo, soon expanded operations by employing a can fabricating machine resurrected from a fire at the Continental Can Company. The father and son team rebuilt the machine, set it up in the basement, and formed the "Eagle Can Company", which rapidly became a formidable supplier of cans to local oil packaging companies. When a shortage of cooking oil developed during World War II, the Gagliardos were able to secure a source, and the result was a flourishing oil packaging company which became known as "Columbus Packing Company". 
Columbus Foods Company offers a full line of vegetable oils along with vegetable and animal shortenings. Columbus Foods processes and packages over one hundred quality items. Products range from highly competitive commodity vegetable oils to exotic specialty oils as well as a full range of products in between. Package sizes vary from 24 ounce retail size to bulk tankers. All vegetable oils and shortenings are OU Kosher. Columbus provides the highest quality oils for the price with the best service and offers more variety than most of the competitors in this industry.

Columbus Foods has relations with many private and public carriers throughout the world and can arrange for products to be shipped anywhere at the lowest possible price. Columbus owns its own trucks and tankers and delivers throughout the Midwestern United States. Because Columbus Foods owns it own trucks and delivers throughout the Midwest a large percentage of customers are from that vicinity. Applications include the retail and food service industry as well as a variety of chemical and manufacturing applications.

The quality, competitive pricing, and breadth of the product line continue to be the greatest strengths of the company. The company has continued to build on these traditions, providing a comprehensive line of shortenings and oils to the retail and food service industry, and for a variety of chemical and manufacturing applications.