Coos-Curry Elec Coop.


Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc. was established in 1939 by a group of Coos County, Oregon, residents who wanted to provide electricity to residents in their rural service territory environment. Presently, the non-profit cooperative has more than 14,000 members and 16,500 meters in Coos, Curry, and Douglas Counties, and more than 1,500 miles of line, including 51 miles of transmission line between Gold Beach and Brookings. The company serves members in the rural areas east and south of Coos Bay in Coos County and all of company except for the town of Langlois. The company headquartered located in Port Orford and Oregon, the company has area business offices in Coquille, Gold Beach, Port Orford and Brookings.

Electric cooperative is different than almost all other companies with which customer do business and also very different than utilities that operate for profit. The company is non-profit corporations owned and governed by their members the people they provide. The excess earnings are distributed in the form of capital credits, which makes a member not just a consumer or customer, but an owner. Member owners provide capital to operate the cooperative and share in any excess earnings that may be available after the cost of normal operations are paid and investments in the electric system and the economic well being of local communities is made.

Cooperatives host an annual meeting, where customer neighbors vote on proposed by law changes, discuss current issues affecting the cooperative and elect members to represent customer on a board of directors. The board of directors establishes policies and sets rates that affect the whole membership. The company rates are set as low as possible because there are no hidden fees and no built-in profits for shareholders or investors, either locally or across the country, cooperatives give members a seat at the table.

The company exists to provide the membership. They are dedicated and committed to providing reliable, needed services to the communities they serve, based on sound business practices; fairness and respect for members emphasizing integrity, and employees.

The company goal is to provide the best electric service at the lowest cost, regular with sound economy and good management. The commitment to doing things that is in the best interests of the membership, which is at the heart of the cooperative viewpoint.