Decorative Paving Co.


Decorative Paving Company is the industry leader, the company offers the nations best, most thorough installation services. The company starting with consultation and material selection through installation and follow through, the company tends to every detail, assuring accuracy at every turn, and building customer confidence through quality results. Decorative Paving Company is the leader in traditional, hand-installed paving systems it is also the first company in the U.S. to employ mechanical installation methods easing both labor and time involved and significantly reducing customer costs.

This new improvement and continued original efforts puts Decorative Paving Company at the forefront of the industry, paving the way into the next century with more than two decades of experience in manufacturing, installing and distributing paving systems, the company has earned an international reputation for excellence. The company is started on integrity, dependability, and dedication to quality.

The customer project is managed by people of uncompromising standards-who work with them as partners and are sensitive to the demands of a competitive building industry.
Their depth of experience, enthusiasm and insight yield the best, most productive paving solutions. The company has services are such as Innovative Mechanical Installation, Distribution and Installation of Concrete Pavers, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Applications, Proven Installation References, Slabs and Clay Pavers, Budget Consultation, Site Development and Design, Modular Paving and Retaining Wall Construction and ICPI Industry Certified Installers.
The company has constructed crosswalks with and without concrete grade beams. The long term durability of crosswalks and performances has been less than stellar. They would suggest that a better use of segmental pavers that would allow for load transfer and interlock to happen and enhance performance and durability would be to pave the whole intersection. The company has been involved with various types of segmental installations from California to New York and Chicago to New Orleans utilizing concrete and clay pavers with rigid and or flexible systems in vehicular applications.
Decorative Paving Company has earned an international reputation for excellence.
Louisville, KY and Marion, IN are examples of modular pavers performing as a road surface, a pedestrian crosswalk and an improvement that is appreciated by the taxpayers of these cities. The Louisville project was performed within a 48 hour time frame and minimized the usual frustration to drivers and business owners