Evans Delivery Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Evans Delivery Co. Inc was founded in 1939 by Albert L. Evans, Sr. the company started with only two trucks handling LTL freight in the local Pottsville area. The company continued to grow in the regional LTL market and slowly but surely expand its operations to.
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. The company established Intermodal services to serve Steamship lines in the port of Philadelphia in 1973. These Intermodal operations now serve steamship companies and railroads in every major port on the east coast and also a number of inland ports as well. In 1989, the company sold its LTL operations and continued expansion in the Intermodal and truckload markets and today, Evans Delivery Company operates more than 500 tractors through it's network of strategically located terminal facilities and provides transportation services in the Intermodal, Truckload and Flatbed markets.

Evans Delivery Company's had established an international division and has locations in all major East Coast ports and major inland port locations. The company interchange agreements with all major steamship lines and railroads as well as has direct contact with importers, exporters, freight forwarders, NVOCC's and customs brokers. Making the work smooth and convenient for their customers. Their intermodal transportation services Include: ocean container drayage - local and long distance, temperature controlled equipment handled, rail trailer drayage - local and long distance, containers yard operations, container freight station operations, HazMat certified, electronic data interchange and electronic Document management.

The Domestic division of the company has within their strategic network locations that is spread through out the 48 states, an inventory of equipment -including flatbeds, vans, reefers, and specialized equipment and are ready to handle all your shipping demands. The company is flexible, versatile, and committed to delivering the same outstanding level of service to all customers, large and small.