Dun Transportation & Stringing Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

This company specializes in loading, hauling, stringing and racking large diameter steel pipe and is currently celebrating over 90 years as pipe handling specialists.     Allen Dunn organized Dunn Bros., in 1910 when he began hauling all types of freight with teams and wagons. In 1915, the company was hauling pipe for Lone Star Gas Company; work began in West Texas and terminated in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. The beginning of the oil boom in 1917 influenced Allen Dunn to look up opportunities in providing transporting supplies for the oil fields and to haul pipe to the working locations in West Texas and so, Dunn Bros. was incorporated in 1950 in the state of Texas.
Ernest C. Dunn was President and Ellis E. Dunn was Vice President till the latterÂâ€Ã¢„¢s death in 1973 and Ernest remained owner until his death in August 1992. Then Jewell Dunn became single owner and President and when in 1998, she sold her ownership to then Vice President Gene Johnson, he changed the name to Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc.

The company has specialized owned equipment and experienced personnel to enable it to perform this specialized service in an efficient and safe workman like manner on schedule in all the 43 states, five Canadian providences and Mexico where it has worked. The company has unloaded, hauled and or strung in excess of 59,000 miles of various size pipes since 1945, ranging from sizes beginning at 2" to 48" in diameter and 20' to 84' in length.

The Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc. is a signatory to the National Pipeline Agreement and its labor rates apply as negotiated by the Pipeline Contractors Association Labor Committee and the International Union of Operating Engineers, Laborers International and International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  The company is also one of the original members of the Pipeline Contractors Association. The company has highly experienced personnel and an ongoing training program to keep them up to date with the latest trends and needs in the industry and thus they have key people on the payroll year round and subsequently an outstanding safety record. This is further made possible as both safety meetings and safety schooling is conducted for all types of employees.