ENA Couriers Seattle Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

ENA Couriers was founded in 1986, but before its existence, many events and circumstances had to first take place. The seed was planted back in 1954, where Mr. Robert Burgess, who is the current owner of ENA Couriers, worked as a stock boy for a local drug store in Winnipeg Canada. Occasionally he would deliver prescriptions to some of his loyal customers. The company is dedicated and committed safely and a full time delivery service. 
Northern Messenger Service was born.  Mr. Burgess was so successful, he eventually extended Northern Messenger to 5 other Canadian cities, and finally into Minneapolis in 1977.  In addition, expansion occurred into 6 more cities in the U.S. Mr. Burgess hired this employment agency to look for a general manager to operate the new Minneapolis courier service. Steve then guided Northern Messenger to a successful 110 courier operations in Minneapolis. In 1985, the whole Northern Messenger Service was achieving 32,000,000 in sales per annum. Mr. Burgess decided to sell Northern Messenger.

ENA Couriers provides a large range of services such as Internet ordering & tracking, Freight Service, Lease A Driver, Telecommuting Support Service, Extended Performance Warranty, Same Rate for 1 ounce to 50 pounds, Off-Site Records Storage, Rates & Information, Sick of operating a 'Delivery Service, Fast Track package locator, Heavy Weight Service, Critical Parts Storage like Inventory & Delivery, Preferred Customer Time-Saver Idea and State Wide, 24 Hours/7days a Week.

Their objective and goal is to be the best courier delivery service possible. The most effective way they know to reach that goal is to ask customer what they can do that might be new or better, and then do it.

The company has understands the time critical world of the delivery industry. From the first point of contact to entering the P.O.D. immediately after the delivery is completed, ENA believes that efficiency, dependability, and communication are the keys to providing exceptional customer service.

ENA Couriers Freight Service offers 15 years of locally owned delivery experience utilizing the latest technology in the industry.