Essex provides advanced optoelectronic imaging and signal processing services and products for United State government intelligence and defense customers and communications customers with whom they have established and maintained long-standing and successful relationships. The company has provide optoelectronic 3D imaging and signal processing services to classified United State government customers under next generation R&D contracts. 
The company delivers software for making intelligent decisions in complex environments, including web allowed GIS systems to manage and secure United State army physical assets. Essex supports the intelligence community's mission critical voice and video systems infrastructure and provides systems engineering services to highly classified United State government customers.
The company builds optical communications and networking system elements and components, including signal and image processing software products. The company is previously sold their products to the intelligence and defense markets, they believe their existing products and their exclusive rights portfolio position them well to profit from spending on next generation technology that decreases the costs and increases the speed, performance and security of existing communications networks.

The company provides advanced optical and optoelectronic, which involves both optical and electronic parts, signal processing services and products within the following four business areas; Cognitive Computing, 3-D Imaging, Communications and Networks  and Radar Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, and Critical Information Technology Infrastructure.

The company has an experienced engineering crew that provides engineering solutions to some of the country's most reputable organizations. In telecommunications, Essex is a Motorola Preferred Supplier, having earned that designation almost a decade ago from this leading electronics and telecommunications manufacturer. In signal processing, Essex engineers work with important government clients to develop advanced signal processing solutions.

The company engineers have defined the army standard for geographic information systems. Their engineering team has the capability to perform contracts across from advanced R&D to operational maintenance. The team has an unmatched, encyclopedic knowledge of both the classified and the unclassified branches of signal processing and the use of optics and optoelectronics and cognitive engineering methodologies. The team's focuses upon end to end, high fidelity modeling and performance analysis; traffic modeling and simulation; and access and routing algorithm development. The Telecomm Systems group has been at the forefront of developing solutions for advanced telecommunications systems for the past years.