Geodynamic Industries Inc


Geodynamic Industries Incorporated has been built on experienced and responsible service which is foundation of the company. The company has providing assistance to state and local state agencies, major industrial corporations, private interests and governments. Geodynamic Industries Incorporated has developed a reputation for quality in the management of environmental concerns and fortune 500 companies, governmental entities and individual corporations have engaged Geodynamic Industries incorporated for over 15 years.
Geodynamic Industries has been established as a leader in management of environmental concerns throughout its wide and diversified list of clientele.  The company headquartered located in Michigan, the company provides unparalleled services in management of industrial and manufacturing by-products; transportation of hazardous & non-hazardous wastes; solids and sludge, in-plant cleaning & maintenance and emergency response and containers & tanks for liquids.
Employees required to work in potentially hazardous areas receive intensive and continual training consistent with osha requirements. The company employs a professionally trained and safety conscious staff, versed in the standards of and ever-changing regulatory environment. The staff at company routinely works with their clients to moderate or reduce exposure to existing and potential environmental destructions.
Geodynamic Industries offers their clients cost-effective solutions to environmental situations that comply with the exact demands of regulatory mandates. The company has been continues to remain a leader in the promotion of sound environmental alternatives to disposal of the by-products of industrial and manufacturing processes. The company struggle to keep their clients informed and aware of the available technologies.
Their services are structured to meet the specific needs of their clients, while maintaining a constantly high-quality performance in service and a dedication of environmental fulfillment. The company knows that quality can be maintained without risk to safety, while controlling costs, informed judgment, through proper training and accessibility of appropriate technologies.
The company has properly researched regional treatment storage and disposal facilities to provide their clients the most cost-effective alternatives to select for the disposal of their waste materials. Geodynamic Industries maintains a quality fleet of vacuum trucks, tanker trailers, roll-off units and tractors for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. 
The company maintains a mechanics garage and has a road service vehicle ready for on-site repairs to make sure that their fleet is kept in first rate repair.