Grimes Logistics Services Inc


Grimes Warehouse Services Inc. was started in 1972. Leo H. Grimes, Sr. founded Clark & Lewis, a wholesale grocery company in 1920. The company branches located in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, Clark and Lewis was known for its regular, responsible performance. The company was Florida's biggest food service supplier when it was sold in 1970. Thomas L. Grimes realized not only the need for additional warehousing services, but for a provider that was capable of responding to the more specialized services required by the exploding developed in Florida.  
Warehousing is clearly the heart of their operation. Grimes Logistics employ the services of the American Sanitation Institute to monitor their sanitation program. The company has maintained scores in excess of 900, which qualifies them as a superior food grade storage facility. All facilities are carefully planned to maximize space utilization, which keeps customer costs as reasonable as possible. Extremely low employee turnover provides experienced and timely handling of customer products and standard time values are assigned to all functions and are checked against actual performance.
Maves International Software supported the entire operation, a dedicated logistics support system provider. The company transportation, warehousing, and financial services are all supported by this integrated system. Tracking every activity from inventory location, billing, accounts receivable, product rotation, and transportation to numerous custom support functions requested by customers all these serve as answers to the needs of those that depend on Grimes as a total solution provider.
Grimes Transportation, originally established as a support function to warehouse services, has broadened its scope of operation. The company currently serving the southeast offering local container service and contract authority provides dedicated deliveries for warehousing customer delivery points from Virginia to Texas.
The success of their customers during their first 50 years of operation can be attributed to the steadfast discipline of focus. The customer will find Grimes very expert at emphasizing the focus necessary to provide logistical excellence to their customers.

The third step is one of commitment and dedication, not an agreement to start, but a dedicated on both sides to proceed with the process of learning more in order to provide a better solution. This third step repeats itself until customer and Grimes Logistics agree on the solution clients demand.