Halbert Brothers Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Halbert Brothers Inc was established in 1933 by Harold and Wesley Halbert and provides unique service capabilities to industries throughout the country. These capabilities consists of performing machinery moving and rigging services as well as heavy hauling, specialized transportation, millwright, hoisting and machinery storage service.
Halbert Brothers Inc has a six-acre equipment yard and warehouse in the City of Industry. City of Industry facility consists of more than 140,000 square feet of inside storage and is equipped with a superb multi-overhead crane system. The overhead crane system is made up of eight units with capacities of 2 tons to 60 tons each. Facility houses over 150 units of motorized and rolling equipment used daily to support highly trained rigging and machinery moving crews. Halbert Brothers Inc has developed a highly regarded reputation within many industries including the graphic arts and printing industry, aerospace, utility plants, chemical plants, as well as an endless variety of others.
Halbert Brothers Inc has a fleet of trucks and heavy-duty semi tractors that combine with special heavy-duty trailers custom designed to transport machinery. The dynamics of transportation equipment, augmented by air ride suspension, allows the company to haul extremely heavy loads while protecting fragile items. It also maintains a division of rigging in relocating and erecting machinery, industrial equipment and very fragile items with experience ranging from single hoisting and forklift work to placement of super heavy items utilizing 400-ton capacity gantry crane. Halbert Brothers Inc provides customers with safe and highly skilled work and is determined in receiving extremely critical rigging jobs which includes the moving of priceless statues and artwork as well as precision aerospace machinery and highly fragile x-ray units. Machinist and millwrights are available to perform heavy-duty maintenance projects and has maintenance capabilities like printing press maintenance and mechanical overhaul, oil leak problems solved, and certified welders.
In the transportation of large machines, tanks, transformers, statues, monuments and mechanisms such as flight simulators, it maintains a fabrication shop where custom items require individual special transportation. Halbert Brothers Inc maintains a warehousing and crating facility. The warehouses are designed to facilitate machinery moving services.
Halbert Brothers Inc takes care about customer satisfaction and provides best level of service.