Henkle Drilling & Supply Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Henkle Drilling and Supply, Inc. have offered exceptional well-installation services since 1937. E.W. Henkle was the founder of Garden City, Kansas Company. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, the firm has a long-standing reputation as a preferred water-well drilling contractor for businesses, homeowners, municipalities, and farmers. Much of the success is attributable to Richard L. Henkle, who after taking over for his father in 1972, solidified the company's position as a recognized leader in developing ground water supplies for municipal, commercial, and agricultural customers throughout the western United States. Henkle Drilling and Supply excels in the use of both traditional and advanced well-installation techniques. It enjoys a special niche in large-diameter, reverse-rotary drilling to reach water-bearing formations exceeding depths of 2,000 feet.  

Henkle Drilling & Supply Co Inc provides services in agricultural and municipal area. Henkle Drilling and Supply drills most of its agricultural water wells in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado, but even has some international projects to its credit. The typical irrigation project involves reverse-rotary drilling to a depth of between 300 and 600 feet, with a 16-inch-diameter casing placed inside a 24-inch-diameter well. To complete the well, Henkle employees performs important procedures like a step test to determine pumping requirements. The majority of Henkle Drilling and Supply's agricultural customers are individual farmers, but the company has drilled as many as 100 wells for corporate clients like Braum Farms, the Garden City Company, and others. In addition, the company manages water supplies and provides around-the-clock response for livestock-confinement facilities that supply cattle to three beef-packing plants, which together account for more than a million head of cattle.  

To provide the necessary direction, the Henkle management team draws on its depth of experience-the managers collectively have an average of 28 years of service with the company and individually possess a wide range of relevant knowledge and training. From start to end, Henkle Drilling and Supply stands for professionalism, quality, and the highest standard of service.