Indiana Oxygen Co.


Two Cincinnati men about a business proposition approached the Brant brothers. They having a degree in electrical engineering and this new business venture required such knowledge. That new business was the making of oxygen and hydrogen gases from the electrolytic separation of water molecules. The offer sounded promising, so the two brothers entered into partnership with the two Cincinnati men and on April 30, 1915, the Indiana Oxygen Company was born. 
After two years later the company seemed headed for development and upon recommendation from one of the brothers, it was, as they put it time to buy out or sell out. The company bought out their partners and the Indiana Oxygen Company became a family owned business.
The purchase of their downtown location by Eli Lilly allowed them to construct their current 31,000 square foot headquarters facility, off of I-465 in 1991. Warehousing and cylinder filling operations take up roughly 20,000 square feet, with the rest made up of a modern store for walk-in customers and a an office wing that contains work areas for use by their outside sales consultants and vendor representatives. Time and demographics inspired them to move their operations from their long established downtown location to the northwest corner of Indianapolis.
The company has a network of nearly 40 warehouses servicing the state of Indiana and 8 Indiana branch locations servicing their customers and a garage at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The journey is not over, but just starting. Their success will broadcast a challenge to their peers to surpass their efficiency. The company pick up that same challenge this year and beyond to out perform their accomplishments in 2004.
The company is manufactures, Medical Gases and Welding Supplies Sells, and Distributes Industrial Gases, Laboratory Gases. Their Gas Products Include Acetylene, Argon, Laser Gases, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helium.
The heart of this company is its people. The ones who see to it that the gas and hard goods get sold, ordered, delivered and billed.