Johnny On The Spot Inc.


Johnny on the Spot was founded in 1970 with six homemade wooden portable bathrooms built in the owner's backyard. The founders had pumped septic tanks since 1957 and renting portable toilets was more of a whim than a planned diversification.
Since the seventies the material of choice has moved to plastic. Plastic's durability and resistance to moisture absorption has just about rendered other materials obsolete. Johnny on the Spot again, was among the first in New Jersey to provide this improved equipment. It was back then, in the mid seventies when the JOTS service and equipment pulled ahead of the competition. As the demand for clean portable restrooms became more evident their efforts became more focused. Johnny on the Spot was the first to provide fiberglass portable toilets in New Jersey.

In 1990 JOTS developed the VIP level of service. The company is the exclusive provider of celebrity type units for a whole season. By the end of the next season most toilet companies in the entire country had copied the service. A couple of years later they were the first again in New Jersey to provide portable water systems for fresh water flushing and hand washing on construction sites. The simplicity of exceptional service occurred to them early and remains the focus here today. Portable toilet service is a relatively cheap component of most construction projects and outdoor events.

The company is also kept up with the demand for other specialty equipment, which now includes Luxury Trailers, High Rise units, ADA compliant units, and Flushing units for office trailers. Loyal customers, modern facility, innovative equipment, and value added pricing does not add up to success without quality personnel.

For a small cost differential the company has been able to provide a superior level of service. The price difference between the worst and the best portable toilet service on the New Jersey construction site is usually less than 20 cents per day. There frequently is no price difference to order JOTS service for short term rentals.