Koppers Industries Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Koppers Industries Inc was established in October 1988. Koppers is an international company and a leading integrated producer of chemicals, carbon compounds, and treated wood products for the aluminum, steel, chemical, plastics, railroad, and utility industries. Koppers operates 39 locations in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and South Africa with employees of more than 2,000 people worldwide.
Koppers is one of the leading distillers of coal tar, a by-product of the transformation of coal into coke. Its distills coal tar to produce carbon pitch, refined tar, roofing pitch, creosote, carbon black and chemical oils. The chemical oils resulting from distillation are used to produce phthalic anhydride (PAA) and naphthalene. The carbon materials and chemicals are essential to the production of aluminum, steel, plastics, resins, treated wood and rubber products and also increase the durability of many products including railroad ties, utility and transmission poles and marine pilings. Koppers is also a leading producer of treated wood products; treated wood creates more durable structures that resist decay, increasing safety, reducing replacement costs and preserving valuable forests. Koppers has been serving the railroad industry with treated wood railroad ties and railroad crossing panelÂâ€Ã¢„¢s products for more than 75 years. In North America, Koppers are the largest provider of railroad track crossties and are known for pre-plated crossties. Koppers are also a leading producer of creosote treated wood poles for the electric and communications industries, along with treated wood for heavy-duty construction.
Koppers businesses provide two primary categories of products, roofing and railroad. Koppers provides services to customers in an effort to keep the preferred supplier for carbon material and chemical needs which include carbon testing, logistics, engineering support. Koppers provide technical support and uses technology white papers. The service has expanded to include pre-plated ties, track panels, track hardware, concrete ties and emergency support services that keep the railroads rolling.
Koppers trading is supplying various raw materials worldwide within the primary and secondary aluminium industries as well as the steel industry, cement and power industries, chemical industries and the grinding wheel, abrasive, glass and ceramic industries.
Koppers Industries Inc is a most valued supplier of quality products and services in the industries.