Lane Enterprises Trucking Inc


Lane Enterprises Trucking Inc was founded in 1934 at Bath in NewYork.
 LEC Inc is a full-line manufacturer of metal and HDPE plastic drainage products, it operates 10 plants in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states producing corrugated metal and plastic drainage pipe for the construction industry. Pipe from 6" to 144" in diameter is used in storm sewers, stormwater management systems, for culverts and small bridge applications. Lane also manufactures structural plate pipe for use where fabricated pipe is not adequate for jobsite conditions.
LEC stocks a full range of Corrugated Steel Pipe in a variety of materials, linings and coatings to meet exact durability, strength and hydraulic requirements. Spiral Rib Pipe offers a smooth interior that provides excellent flow characteristics, while the specially designed exterior ribs assure strength. It manufacturers plate products in five basic shapes like pipe, pipe arches, underpasses, ellipses and box culverts. They are used in a range of installations such as stream enclosures, underpasses, conveyor covers, tunnels and mine overcasts.
All CSP have a metallic and/or non-metallic coating for protection against corrosion and possibly scrape. There is ample variety of coatings available to match the pipe to the conditions. A number of factors sway the hydraulic calculations involved with selecting a pipe size or material. CSP can be used in the Highway Drainage, Pond Structures, Water Quality Structures and Recharge Systems etc.
CAP is made of pure aluminum. It is fabricated in two corrugations that are identical to those of CAP. Aluminum pipe is able to operate in a lower pH soil or water than galvanized or aluminized steel. It can be used for Culverts, Stormwater Management Systems etc.
The purposes of joint systems on metal pipe are to join the pipeline where the individual pipe sections meet, to provide continuity to the flow line and to control the flow of effluent out of the pipe and the infiltration of backfill material into the pipe. ASTM and AASHTO joint specifications are part of more inclusive pipe specifications with the ability to control exfiltration and infiltration of water or soil. Gabion baskets and mattresses form containers, that when filled with stone, imparts an aesthetic method for retaining earth or controlling soil erosion.
Three tools are available to assist pipe fabricators in evaluating like as CSPFIT, Design Data Sheet No. 18 and ASTM A998.
LET Inc goal is to develop cost-effective solutions that optimally serve as per needs. Consistent quality and superior value are the result.