McLean Contractingw Co Inc


Founded in 1903 on 7th April, McLean Contracting Company has continuously demonstrated steady adaptation, improvement, and growth in the Heavy Construction Industry. The founder, Colin McLean, started the company by incorporating it in Delaware and for approximately a century, it has been performing an extensive range of both land based and marine construction having a strong tradition of integrity, efficiency, preparedness, and excellent employee relations. 
McLean has always been committed to its best asset, its employees, as evident by its many second and third generations of employees dedicated to their work. Currently, McLean is a corporation fully owned by its employees with the majority of its shares owned by the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Only active full time employees can own shares of the corporation. McLean has achieved an enviable reputation in the Heavy Construction Industry depending on the strong nucleus of employees who have been here 25 - 40 years.
McLean provides services like Heavy Construction, Pile Driving, Steel Erection and Cofferdams, Timber Structures, Piers, Bulkheads, and Breakwaters, Marine Demolition Heavy Lifts, Dredging, Movable Bridges, Materials Handling Equipment etc.
McLean has pocketed some of the major customers with public agencies such as Federal Government, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, and Dept. of the Navy etc. They also pocketed State agencies such as Dept. of Transportation, River and Bay Authority, State Parks Commission etc. The major project successes of the company are Big Sandy River Railroad Bridge, ELCAS Demonstration, Steel Bridge Superstructure Replacement, and Superstructure Replacement of Riva Road Bridge.
Through those early years and still today, innovation and adaptation have been essential in the development of McLean. The company has developed new techniques wherever some view as a possible improvement in efficiency or potential competitive edge. Equipment was invented and assembled and machine parts tooled in-house.

For over a century McLean Contracting Company strong traditions of integrity, efficiency, preparedness, and excellent employee relations have been evident. McLean Contracting Company's most valuable resource is its employees. McLean will make every effort to ensure its employees a safe and healthful work place and will work toward the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses.
McLean has always, and is still today, committed to its customers, whether public or private, and ready to respond to their needs on a moment's notice with all of it resources. Often McLean, ready with the necessary expertise and equipment, is automatically called to the scene in emergency situations. Due to the reliable services the Company has been recognized by the National Safety Council and presented with Excellence Achievement Award for Recognition of Outstanding Efforts in Occupational Safety Performance.