National Steel Erectors Corp.


Since 1955 National Steel Erectors Corporation has met the ever-increasing demand for dependable engineering high quality, and field services in the steel erection business and its many related services. The company has earned a fine reputation by completing work in all 50 states of the U.S. as well as Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, Guam, Japan, Philippines, Iceland, Greece, Scotland, Okinawa, Venezuela, Algeria, Kuwait, and Australia. 
The company furnishes one of the best-engineered field erection services available. They are proud of their successful experience in the erection of towers, and moving buildings, setting heavy machinery, and the dismantling of steel structures. The company is also provide a complete turnkey service for the communications industry, which includes the detailing, design, foundation, fabrication, and erection of the supporting structure; and also furnishing and installing antennas and wave guide. The company is furnishing manpower and equipment to modify, maintain, and/or repair antenna support structures, antennas, transmission lines, and emergency restoration service for the communication industry.
The company has erected several hundred microwave, radio, cellular, and television towers, both guyed and self-supporting at various locations all over the world. They perform emergency repair, engineering maintenance and modification services on all types of steel structures. Modification to operating microwave transmission towers is a frequently required part of our work.
Many of their contracts with the communications industry are turnkey contracts. National Steel Erectors Corporation handles all the work from start to finish, relieving their customer of the problems associated with obtaining and coordinating the various segments of construction. The company offers years of experience dealing with reliable subcontractors, allowing them to offer complete packages with high quality workmanship at very reasonable prices.
The company has completed many different building projects including the erection of conventional structural steel; precast concrete, window walls, cable supported steel, and metal sheeting for large buildings.
The very best tools and equipment are provided for all of their operations. If there is a special type of tool needed and is not available, company design and build whatever is necessary to do the job. National Steel Erectors Corporation is proud of their exceptional safety record and are dedicated and committed to the protection of their customer's property and services. Their Ironworker superintendents are among the finest in the country and they have a reliable following of journeyman ironworkers and equipment operators.