Newcomb Oil


Newcomb Oil Co. is a progressive family owned company founded in 1924, in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky. Established as a one location, one-vehicle distributor of Gulf Oil products, Newcomb Oil Co. now operates convenience stores in over 18 counties and is a jobber for Amoco, Chevron, Marathon, and Shell fuels, and Chevron, Conoco, Mobil, Pinnacle and Shell lubricants, and Houghton Chemicals, from four locations in Central and Western Kentucky.
In 1924, tenant farmer John C. Newcomb became a commission agent for the Gulf Refining Co., for Nelson County. Times were tough, but a strong work ethic and perseverance persisted, and J.C. NewcombÂâ€Ã¢„¢s business managed to survive economic times, including the Great Depression. In 1946, John L. Newcomb, joined his father in the oil business, subsequently known as J.C. Newcomb & Son. The purchase of the Gulf distributorship was only the beginning of a series of purchases that led to the formation, and expansion, of the existing Newcomb Oil Co.
Today, Newcomb Oil Co. owns and operates over sixty convenience stores in twenty-six communities in Central and Western Kentucky, and southern Indiana, under the Five Star Food Mart logo. The operation of these food marts has been favorable because of the successful business relationship with major petroleum marketers and retail suppliers. In all its operations, Newcomb Oil Co. employs about eight hundred persons, with headquarters still in Bardstown. In 1997, the Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber of Commerce presented to Newcomb Oil Co. its first "Corporate Citizen of the Year" award. More than 65 Five Star Food Marts are located in twenty-six communities in Central and Western Kentucky, and southern Indiana.
In addition, Newcomb Oil Co. operates seven Petro Card commercial fueling sites, and transports over one hundred million gallons of fuels per year to its own locations and to its many customers. From its earliest days, Newcomb Oil Co. was fueled by Excellence and continues highest standards of customer service today. Newcomb Oil Co. is also becoming one of Kentucky's fastest growing food mart companies and with the commitment to customer service and convenience have made them the leader in the convenience store industry.