Overland Sand & Gravel Co

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Overland Sand & Gravel/Ready Mix a comfortable choice and an excellent resource to fulfill the requirements. 
Since 1936, O&G Co has been committed to serving the area the best possible way .It gives priority for Customer satisfaction.
O&G is here to meet each individual needs. From main office to the construction site all kinds of employees are involved. From its' beginning the Aim is to understand the importance of preserving and giving back to the community. O&G is the dependable source for concrete, sand and gravel, and recast products.
In hot weather concreting before placing Concrete sets faster in hot weather. Using concrete containing a retarding admixture can control setting time.  Consult the ready mixed concrete producer at the time concrete is ordered. Periodically spray the forms, reinforcing steel and subgrade with water to keep them cool and to prevent absorption of water from the concrete. And then offset the effects of high, ambient temperature, low humidity or wind, erect sunshades and wind barriers to protect the fresh concrete from stiffening or crusting and to help minimize cracking, crazing, plastic shrinkage and rubber sets. In placing and finishing process discharge concrete at the jobsite. Promptly notify the ready mixed concrete producer of any delay in placing so it can be rescheduled. Start curing the concrete immediately after finishing. Tops of walls, columns and other exposed, vertical elements should be wet-cured and covered.
O&G Co will continue to invest in new and more efficient methods of operation, making the company better able to serve the customers.
O&G Co has aimed not only growth of business but also growth of the communities. O&G Co has Commitment to Quality, to the Future and the choice for today and tomorrow.