Crystal Motor Express Inc.


Crystal Motor Express started in 1952, has been serving in freight carrier needs of their customers. They provide expert solutions and many services to accommodate contemporary business needs.
They have power tailgates, flatbeds, air ride equipment and it can carry any type of load to the destination. The trailers are temperature controlled trailers & straight trucks.
Their carriers are licensed to haul liquor also. They are completely computerized operations and of their trucks are equipped with cellular for online shipment tracking.
Crystal Warehouse offers their customers something other public warehouses can't. As an affiliate of the company they have the ability to deliver their products to the customer. This is done through listening to their customers, hearing what they have to say, and giving them the service they need.
An average of 6,000,000 pounds of freight is moved in and out of the two warehouses each month, and customers can tailor their storage and transportation services to meet their individual needs.
Warehouse personnel not only unload and store materials, they can also keep an inventory of goods, pick and package orders, load trucks, and transport the materials to their destination. Customers can choose from the many available levels of service.
They have the warehouses that are hazardous material certified, demonstrating crystal's commitment to the proper handling and storage of all raw materials, chemicals, plastics and electronics, customized storage options for customers whose requirements range from a few pallets to several thousand square feet of space and as Crystal employees, all warehouse and office staff receive on-going training to ensure customer satisfaction and quality service.
Crystal Motor Express with their advanced technology is determined to provide excellent service with quality to the customers in the future.