Williams Pipeline Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Williams Pipeline Co Inc was actually established in 1908 with two brothers' construction projects in Fort Smith, Arkansas and within a few years Miller and David Williams were building cross-country natural gas and petroleum pipelines. Williams deliver clean-burning natural gas from production areas to local utilities and operates more than 15,000 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines. Williams Pipeline provides safe, reliable natural gas transportation to heat homes and generate electricity across the country.
Williams Pipeline natural gas transportation unit delivers approximately 12% of the natural gas consumed in the United States. With a combined design capacity of more than 12 billion cubic feet per day, Williams Pipeline interstate pipelines transport enough gas to serve the needs of more than 30 million homes on a winter day. Williams Pipeline seasonal storage capacity is more than 230 billion cubic feet, which ensures adequate fuel for customers even during times of peak demand.
Williams Pipeline Co Inc key services include interstate natural gas transportation, natural gas exploration & production, natural gas gathering & processing. Williams Pipeline gas pipeline operates approximately 14,600 miles of interstate natural gas pipeline, design capacity of more than 11 billion cubic feet per day, transports gas to heat 30 million homes on a winter day, delivers approximately 12 percent of natural gas consumed in United States, and seasonal storage capacity over 230 billion cubic feet. There are three pipelines which are partly owned by Williams Pipeline; Transco, Northwest, and Gulfstream.
Williams Pipeline Co Inc also indulges in exploration and production such as producing basins; Piceance, San Juan, Powder River, Arkoma, approximately 450 million cubic feet per day average net production, 99 percent of reserves are natural gas and power is like 7,900-megawatt power portfolio, 6 tolling agreements in Alabama, California, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and 2 owned generation facilities in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Williams Pipeline manages 2.8 Bcf/d of natural gas requirements with secure average of 400 Bbtu/d used by 11 Midstream processing plants.
Williams Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation and Storage offer services to help customers meet business needs such as transportation services, liquefied natural gas storage, in ground storage services, other services, firm Service, and interruptible service.
Williams Pipeline provides an excellent, flexible benefits program for employees such as healthcare coverage which includes medical and dental options and retirement programs which includes 401(k) plan and pension benefits.