Winkler Inc


J. Winkler & Sons was established on November 2, 1911 by John Winkler and his son Elmer Winkler. John and Elmer initially sold produce, poultry, and eggs and then made deliveries using horse-drawn wagons. It is located on Hwy 62 in Dale, Indiana. Dale is located in southern Indiana and is in northern Spencer County.
Winkler Inc provide services like private label program, advertising program, retail counselors, meat & deli, electronic ordering system , trip program, trade shows, dollar program, shoptalk, custom pricing, complete in-store resets, in-store bakery program, customized grocery bags, reclamation center, coupon clearing house, drop shipment program and HBC program.
Winkler Inc has over 450 items of Hy-Top labeled product covering all commodity groups with quality of Hy-Top product equal or better than the national brands. Winkler hosts two advertising groups, ShopWorth and ValuMart which are designed to use the buying power of the stores as a group to obtain the best possible deals. The ShopWorth Ad Group offers a weekly 4 page full-color broadsheet designed for larger stores. The ValuMart Ad Group provides a 4 page tabloid designed for smaller stores. Eight retail counselors as well as one private label counselor to solve problems related in credits, store sets, custom pricing, profit and loss analysis, etc. IT offers customers a full line meat and deli program with over 600 varieties and service include daily customer contact, weekly price catalog and meat retail counselor that provides numerous services including instruction and aid with cuts.
Winkler Inc places order using handheld Telxon or MSI units. The Telxon and MSI units can be used to order new shelf tags and to pre-book product for a future delivery. Winkler also arranges different shows such as fall trade, spring table, etc to attract customers.