Air-Land Transport Service Inc.


The roots of Air-Land Transport started 50 years back with Speedy Delivery Service. In the 1940's, Speedy Delivery Service began by delivering to the grocery, printing and retail industries. At its starting, Speedy Delivery Service consisted of 3 employees, a cargo van, a two-ton truck, and a desire to increase customer expectations.  

Air-Land Transport was born, still acceptance the principle upon which Speedy Delivery Service was built total customer satisfaction. The companies relied on Speedy Delivery Service to transport their materials. In order to meet their customers' growing transportation needs, they shifted their focus toward the truckload industry.  

Air-Land Transport can also deliver this product with; Cargo vans, Straight trucks, Pickup trucks and Curtain-side trucks. Efficient use of space is essential for development; Air-Land Transport solves storage problems with 48-foot and 53-foot trailers ideal for safely storing extra material. The company offers these units for a variety of terms and offers seasonal discounts that save companies more than just space.  

The company accommodates the needs of customers and is committed and dedicated to providing personalized service, catering to customer's specific needs. With a constantly increasing fleet of trucks, trailers, and staff, they have all of the resources needed to make sure that customer receive the best possible transport service in the transportation business. While other companies may stop at just delivery, Air-Land Transport tailors their services to fit customer needs.  

Company excellent customer service includes as customized billing procedures24 hours a day and 7 days a week delivery. Expedited Services their customers have well trained employees assembling their products. The company y delivers right to the point of usage and coordinate weekend and holiday service so business keeps up production needs.

The company drivers receive training above and beyond federally mandated training requirements and their full time safety director and driving instructor work to make sure Air-Land Transport has some of the safest drivers on the road. The company mission is to provide value added systems and services to assist enhance the performance of their targeted customers. Their fleet of superior trucks and trailers safely and efficiently transport customer materials. Air-Land Transport caters to local, regional and over the road deliveries.