Commercial Metals Co.


Commercial Metals Federal Credit Union was established in June 1961 and is owned and governed by members sharing a common bond as employees of Commercial Metals Company and its subsidiaries. The company serves its members by paying highly competitive dividend rates on share accounts. The company providing prompt, fair and confidential consideration of all loan applications while considering the common bond that makes CMFCU unique. The company has a high degree of vertical integration and is organized into 5 business segments Domestic Mills, Recycling, Fabrication, CMCZ and Marketing & Distribution.
The Domestic Mills are comprised of four steel minim ills and a copper tube mill. Domestic steel mill capacity of 2.4 million tons includes light and mid sized structural, reinforcing bars, beams, channels, angles, special bar quality rounds and flats, squares and special sections used in the construction, manufacturing, steel fabrication and warehousing industries. The copper tube mill, with 80 million pounds of capacity, manufactures copper water tube plus air conditioning and refrigeration tubing.
CMC Zawiercie S.A. located in Zawiercie, Poland, is the third biggest steel producer in Poland. CMCZ has a mill capacity of 1.1 million tons and manufactures primarily rebar and wire rod. The Domestic Fabrication segment is comprised of rebar and structural fabrication plants, a castellated and cellular beam fabricator, a heat treating plant, fence post manufacturing plants, joist plants, and construction-related product warehouses.
The Recycling segment, which operates as the CMC Recycling Division, is one of the biggest processors of nonferrous scrap metals and one of the largest regional processors of ferrous scrap metals in the United States. The Marketing and Distribution segment markets, distributes and processes primary and secondary metals, ores, industrial minerals, concentrates, ferroalloys, steels, chemicals and industrial products through a global network of marketing and distribution offices, processing facilities and other investments and joint ventures.
CMCÂâ€Ã¢„¢s product and services such as Steel, Aluminum, nonferrous scrap, Copper brass bronze, Additive & Noble, Alloy specialty stainless, Mineral refractory chemical, Ferrous scrap, Ferro alloy and Construction related. The company with a long and proud record, and they are always looking for top talent. The company offers a total payment package that includes competitive salaries combined with excellent profit.