Diesel Truck Driver Training

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Diesel Truck Driver School has been in the business since 1963, located in Sun Prairie, WI. CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s job is to help individuals find employment and programs that helps in gaining adequate skills to work in one of the largest company in USA; good drivers are needed everywhere.
Diesel Truck Driver Training has a state government license which is approved by State of Wisconsin, Educational Approval Board, Madison WI, State of Minnesota, Minnesota Higher Education Services Office, St. Paul MN, State of Illinois, Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield IL.
Diesel Truck Driver Training has programs such as Class - A Commercial Driver Program; the objective of this truck driving training course is to provide the basic CDL commercial driver driving skills and education for students to obtain the following like Class - A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Entry level employment in the trucking industry. This truck driving training course is the most widely accepted truck driving training program by employers, which offers additional hands on training over the basic skills program. In addition, students receive more instruction in many of the endorsements such as hazardous materials. Graduates will receive truck driving training for all driving test needed to obtain a (CDL) with endorsements. The truck driving training course consists of classroom instruction in subjects such as department of transportation rules, safety and safe operation of equipment, commercial driver license regulations, logbooks, hazardous materials, and more.
Diesel Truck Driver Training School offers a financing package designed to make it easy and affordable to enroll in any of training programs. The finance is used for tuition, motel stay, and licensing fees. Diesel Truck Driver Training School provides financial assistance to cover the cost of housing at the water tower residence inn. Diesel Truck Driver Training School is currently certified as an eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in many states as well.
Diesel Truck Driver Training School also provides with job placement prior to enrollment, during training, and upon graduation. Diesel Truck Driver Training School facilitates onsite job interviews and company recruiters visiting the School. Dennis K. Burke job placement targets an individual's local area with job lead referrals, application faxing, and placement follow up. Dennis K. Burke job lead database contains over 5,000 employers. Many of the Diesel Truck Driver Training School's employers offer reimbursement to the graduate for the tuition cost and other expenses.