J O Mory Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

J.O. Mory, Inc. is committed and dedicated to the residential, commercial and industrial customer. The company achieves this by delivering superior value and service through a qualified workforce, leading edge technology, quality products, and understanding the needs of their customers. The company is continued to provide their customers with peace of mind through their pride and relentless drive for progressive improvement in both their products and services. 
J.O. Mory, Inc provides electrical services are; New Home or Remodel work, Lightning Strike, Structured Cabling, Generator Systems Installed, Out Building wiring, Surge Protection, Whole house or phone and coax, Hot tub wiring, Trouble shooting, Electrical Baseboard heating, System checks and Repairs, Landscape Lighting installs, Fire or water loss work, Electrical Driveway or sidewalk heating systems, Design and installation, Paddle Fan installs and Service Upgrades Phone and Coax low voltage needs. 
The company has an unsurpassed reputation for quality products, offering custom system design, installation and total service. Customer can count on their crew of professionals, knowledgeable sales staff, and exceptional service team and certified installation personnel, including creative engineering and CAD design, capabilities to meet customer needs.
The company can handle all customer plumbing needs and they are licensed in Indiana and Michigan and have years of experience to handle any job. Their electrical services crew is trained specifically to design, install, and maintain a variety of electrical systems and operations. Their expertise covers any level and type of operation: power distribution, general power systems, high-voltage switchgear motor control, energy-saving systems, and incoming main service and cable trays.
 J.O. Mory Mechanical Services division is one of their biggest and most successful divisions. The company provides complete installation and maintenance of all commercial and industrial mechanical systems. J.O. Mory Design team services is customer first partner in custom project development and implementation. With their licensed professional engineer and engineering manager, customer project will have their full support for complete success.
J.O. Mory offers 24,000 square feet of in-house custom metal fabrication and machine manufacturing. They combine the latest technology with the highest grade of materials to provide top quality metal fabrication. Their capabilities include light gauge sheet metal to heavy metal material capacity, and their design engineers will blueprint machinery to match any specifications.