Lake County Nursery


The seed for Lake County Nursery, Inc. was planted back at the turn of the century when Egidio Zampini and Vincent Sallay, Jim's grandfathers, left their European homelands and moved to U.S. Both men started as laborers in the Pennsylvania coal mines, both had backgrounds in agriculture and both settled their families in Lake County, Ohio. It was in this fertile area of northeast Ohio that both went to work for Storrs and Harrison, then the world's biggest nursery and devoted the remainder of their working years to developing their skills as nurserymen. 
Felix Zampini and Sons Nursery became a reality on a quarter acre plot in Painesville. In 1962, the nursery had developed to a size of 40 acres and Jim assumed total ownership and management. Presently, approximately 1000 varieties of shrubs, trees, evergreens, perennials, ornamental grasses, vines and ground cover grow on more than 1,000 acres, making Lake County Nursery, Inc. one of the biggest nurseries in Ohio and the United States. The company produced one million container plants annually. 
The nursery spreads much of its own material, growing most of its own lining out stock from seed or through the production of hardwood and softwood cuttings, including extensive budding and grafting production. The company continually adopts new cultural practices to enhance plant quality. The market is constantly re-evaluated so that plant material developed grown at the nursery meets the changing needs and desires of customers.
A fourth generation of the family, Jim's daughter Maria, and son, Joseph, are now active
in the growth of the company. Jim Zampini and his family are proud of their heritage and hope the successful future of Lake County Nursery, Inc. will pay tribute to the past attempts of their ancestors
The company dedicated employeeÂâ€Ã¢„¢s number about 250 to assist achieves revenues in excess of $8 million yearly. Several profit centers have been added, including a R&D division, a retail garden center and a truck brokerage firm. Lake County Nursery has trademarked or patented over 125 plant varieties. In addition plants are in the process of being patented or trademarked with more at various stages of development.
The company is always happy to work with garden writers and members of the press to provide detailed information, press releases and slides or digital pictures of their new plant selections in a timely manner