Land And Lakes Co


Land and Lakes was founded in 1966, the company started as an excavating contractor. The company has developed and extended into other areas specializing in environmental and construction services. From excavation and land development to demolition, hauling, recycling and waste disposal, Land and Lakes offers a large range of integrated services to meet the various needs of their customers.
The company is a family-owned and managed business, Land and Lakes is strongly dedicated to servicing their customers with quality service at a reasonable price. Their staff spans the fields of engineering, health and safety, environmental law, construction management, land development and solid waste management. The company focuses on making the world the best it can be for all of them, for all of the years to come.  

Land and Lakes has offered environmentally safe waste disposal services to commercial, municipal, industrial and residential customers. Land and Lakes is dedicated to responsible management of solid waste disposal and recovery of reusable materials.

Their engineers and disposal specialists are dedicated and committed to ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations. The company utilizes only those processes, techniques and technologies that safeguard their environment today and work to enhance their environment for tomorrow. Land and Lakes is built on a commitment to environmentally compliant, safe, and responsible management of solid waste.  

The company disposal services, based in Matteson, Illinois, attend to the waste collection and recycling needs of a broad spectrum of customers throughout the Chicagoland area. Their staff consists of experienced individuals from many facets of the waste collection industry.
The company providing services are; non-hazardous solid waste disposal; include demolition; recycling; excavation; hauling; hauling and disposal, and special waste permitting. They have developed into the stateÂâ€Ã¢„¢s biggest yardwaste compost operator in terms of volume of material taken in and customers served. Their five large-scale, modern composting facilities cover 250 acres and serve over 80 Chicago communities with leaf, grass and brush composting capabilities.
The company has moved hundreds of millions of cubic yards of earth. Their excavation services include two main areas of concern: environmental and construction.
LALD specializes in the development of residential, commercial and industrial real estate properties. The company ensures client satisfaction by building long-term relationships. The company  brings the best of their experience and expertise to each customer.