Peerless Tyre


Peerless Tyre manufactures tyres. Mike Schaffner of MikeÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Frontier Service in Globeville, Colorado started Peerless Tyre in September of 1949 and provides with brake and alignment service and is available at locations like South Dakota, Texas, and Colorado.  

The single greatest cause of tire damage is improper inflation and loses pressure over time. The result is unnecessary stress on tire, early and irregular wear, and poor gas mileage and can't deliver best performance without the right air pressure. Most service stations and tire dealers make compressed air available for use. When inflated tires, refer to car owner's manual for the proper inflation level and uses old reliable trick to check the legally safe depth of tire tread.  

Each tire of vehicle supports a different amount of weight. The engine compartmentis usually heavier than the trunk. If drive alone, there is more weight on the driver's side than the passenger's side. The list goes on, but the point is that unequal weight causes tires to wear at different rates. By having tires rotated, it can extend life expectancy. There are several patterns to use in rotating tires and these tires are especially constructed to grip snowy surfaces. Even the rubber is especially formulated to stay pliable in the cold and give better traction on icy roads. Never mix high performance tires with snow tires. Speed rating passenger tires originated in Europe and the purpose of the speed rating is to match tire performance of the vehicle. S rating up to 112 MPH, T rating up to 118 MPH, H rating 130 MPH,  V rating up to 149 MPH, Z rating over 149 MPH and replaces speed rated tires with tires that are equal or greater than the tires are taking off.  This number indicates P235/75R15. P indicates passenger tire, 235 are the section width in millimeters, 75 is the Aspect Ratio, and R means radial and 15 is the rim diameter in inches.  

Peerless Tyre manufactures the products are peerless touring se, stinger GTS, sprint metric, fusion HR, Caliente II with warranty and all season tread design with stylish white stripe/S speed rated.