Productive Transportation Carrier Corp.


Productive Transportation Carrier Corp was established in 1983, Productive provides transportation and logistics options to customers ranging from small LTL shippers to large national companies. The company is not just a consultant; Productive Transport is an actual direct provider of transportation service. The company has warehouses, trucks, trailers and transfer facilities. 

Productive Transportation Carriers is a Logistic Provider offering Common Carrier, Intermodal, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Truck Brokerage, and Distribution Services for the truck, less than Truck Load and Expedited Shipments. The company is providing health insurance, retirement plans and salaried and / or commissioned positions. The company is also has other benefits. Productive Transportation Carrier is an equal opportunity employer.

The customer one stop Transportation Corporation can now offer customer the services; Rate Request, Less than truck Load, Full Load Service, Flat Bed / Step-deck / Specialized Equipment, Rail Services, Daily Tracing and Delivery Notification, Expedited Services, Proof of delivery, Same Day and Overnight, Cost Market Research, Warehousing, Local Cartage / Owner Operators, Customer Service Personalized Service with Individual Customer Service Representatives, Pick up request and cost analysis.

Productive Transportation Carrie encourage any aggressive sales people, experienced dispatchers and truck drivers to inquire about the opportunities available at Productive Transportation, Inc. Storage facilities are such as 50,500 square foot warehouse, Seven Dock Doors, Temperature Controlled Area, and Fully Equipped With Storage Racks and One Ground Level Door,.

To provide third party and direct transportation or logistics solutions to their customers that increases their expectations and provides an accountable system to score cost and service improvements. Their goal and objective is to become a true partner in their customers' quests to achieve total customer satisfaction. Productive Transportation Carrie is dedicated and committed to providing good quality products, delivery on time and reasonable price. The company pride is customer satisfaction.