Scott Brass Inc.


Scott Brass Inc was founded in the 1950. The company has been continuously extending their facilities. In 1977, the company dramatically increased their capabilities by moving into a new headquarters and plant in Cranston, Rhode Island. They built a plant in Mishawaka, Indiana in 1986, increasing their manufacturing facilities to two plant locations.
In 1998, the company added additional rolling, cleaning capacity and annealing, to their Mishawaka plant and built a casting facility on 60 acres of land in New Carlisle, Indiana. Both Cranston and Mishawaka have hot dip tinning lines, additionally to a hot air wipe line and traverse winding lines. Their 4-high reversing mills combine modern shape control with the newest technology for gauge accuracy to provide the best band in the industry. The result is a highly productive, responsive resource for all of their customers. Additionally, their shipping departments are highly capable in arranging and committing to deliveries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
The apparel industry's use of copper and brass alloys for buttons, buckles, snap fasteners, and mechanical closures has never been greater. To get the demand for absolute quality, they have instituted process controls that make sure easy in forming, capability, plating, and accurate aesthetic color range.

Their management structure is not multi-layered. The rank and file has day-to-day, open, cooperative contact with all levels of management. The result is a free flow of information and ideas that yield quick and resourceful solutions to customer needs. The fact is, they will do whatever it takes to help their customers succeed. One of the secrets to company success is the fact that they focus on their customers' requirements and deliver a level of service their competition finds hard to match.

Their continuous testing and documentation of work-in-process allows them to meet or increase customer specifications for tight tolerances in critical applications of gauge, width, temper and grain. Scott Brass has addressed the continued growth in copper base alloy band for electronic connectors with hot dip tinning capabilities. The company can supply their customers with hot tinned mechanical wiped strip for commercial thickness coating to provide corrosion protection, and hot tinned air knife for heavy coating used for solder ability applications. Both processes are performed in-house, so customer is assured of complete quality control to meet their specifications.