Terra Express Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Terra Express began in 1985 when Terra Industries Inc. purchased five power units to haul product from its manufacturing facilities to its retail outlets. By 1990, the fleet had grown to 15 units, and Terra incorporated the company as Terra Express, Inc. From that time, Terra Express has grown to include 53 power units and evolved from a private trucking company to a for-hire carrier, transporting nitrogen fertilizer products and a variety of other loads. The company is headquartered in the Terra Center at 600 Fourth Street in Sioux City, Iowa and has satellites in Tulsa and Woodward, Oklahoma, Blair, Nebraska and Webberville, Michigan.

It is a full-service common carrier covering the 48 contiguous United States, focusing on the middle third of the country and also has intra-state operating authority in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas; specialty being the transporting of liquid bulk products, including UAN solutions, methanol, ethanol, liquid urea, anhydrous ammonia and propane. 

The fleet comprises more than 50 power tractors and 85 trailers and all the equipment is reliable, modern and well maintained. There are 25 insulated tankers, ranging in capacity from 5,500 to 10,000 gallons and are used for hauling products that need heat protection. Additionally, the company has four insulated super tankers, which are used to haul heat-protected products in excess of 40 tons. Eight of the non-insulated tankers are used to transport methanol, ethanol, diesel fuel, gasoline and other products. Terra Express owns and operates 35 pressure vessels, used for transporting products requiring pressurization, including anhydrous ammonia, propane and butane. The company has 53 tractors, all of which are equipped with power take-offs, to meet demanding customer needs.

Safety is top priority with Terra Express and the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s philosophy is that its employees and customers can be most successful by following legal regulations and going the extra mile to ensure their combined safety and that of the general public. The company has initiated a safety program and its successful implementation has rewarded them a "Satisfactory" rating on their last federal D.O.T. audit. All drivers have received requisite training, are HAZMAT certified and licensed and the company carries a $5 million insurance coverage on all loads. With its sights aimed high, this is one express that leaves no corners unturned when it comes to ensuring company, customer and public safety as it forges ahead towards further success!