Ulrich Chemical

By: Bubbajunk.com

Ulrich Chemical, Inc. was established in 1919 when Charles Ulrich began his career as a chemical broker. In 1933, Paul and B.G Frame acquired the company and continued its operation until 1955 when the firm was reorganized. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s locations include the headquarters located in Indianapolis, Evansville, Terre Haute Fort Wayne and many more.
Ulrich Chemical is a diversified company that offers a variety of products and services to meet our customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s needs. Ulrich is a distributor of chemical products from major manufacturers as well as a custom formulator and blender. Ulrich is a manufacturer of Sodium Hypochlorite and a major repackager of Chlorine. As a permitted hazardous waste transfer facility, Ulrich can provide comprehensive waste management programs to its customers. Ulrich Chemical provides industrial chemicals to many end markets, including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, municipal, chemical processing, metal plating, automotive, electronics, food, pulp and paper, glass, formulating, janitorial suppliers, and ice melt resellers. Due to the wide variety of trucking, product availability and services that Ulrich Chemical can provide, the company also assists their customers in supplier consolidation, and cut costs from its customer's supply chain.

Ulrich Chemical has seven facilities that contain over 4,500,000 dollar of inventory in a total of 251,000 square feet. This inventory is either factory packed by the manufacturer or repackaged at an Ulrich Chemical location. The company has the capabilities of repackaging liquids from 98 bulk tanks. Ulrich Chemical's has extensive fleet of trucks which allows them to service a wide variety of customers with flexibility and control. The company has a team of experienced truck operators. These drivers are trained in accordance with OSHA and DOT regulations, and they are also experienced in delivering the wide range of chemicals. The fleet includes single axle and tandem tractors, various sized van trailers, stainless steel tank trucks and aluminum tank trucks. This fleet which is scattered throughout our seven branches allows Ulrich Chemical to ship a wide variety of customer locations.

Ulrich chemical has grown steadily through the years. The company has become a trusted and well-known full service chemical distributor in the Midwest. The constant pursuit of long-term goals enables Ulrich Chemical to continue its growth and maintain a responsible reputation among their valued customers and suppliers. Ulrich Chemical, Inc. is committed to be the best in terms of performance in the chemical distribution industry.