A B Munroe Dairy Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

A.B. Munroe Dairy Inc. was started business in 1881. The company has been delivering the best milk in the area. The company was founded by Alfred B. Munroe and was later purchased by my grandfather, in 1936.  The company has always been at its present location on Brow Street in East Providence, RI. Since the beginning, Munroe dairy has always been just a home delivery dairy.  The company may have supplied a few local stores but home delivery, direct to customer door service, has been the main focus of the operation. 
All processing and bottling is done at their plant and has been done here for the past 119 years.  The success of the company has been its commitment to just do home delivery.  Their products are not available in any store and they do not have any plans to sell to any stores. The company believes that they can keep better control of the product if their own delivery personnel in their trucks handle it.
There is no recombinant bovine growth hormone used in their milk. It only takes 24 to 36 hours to get the milk fresh from the moo to customer. They guarantee their milk for eight days and process and package their products every day and they go out to customer every day. They do not have a big warehouse in which to store their milk, it is delivered fresh to customer.
The company reuse their bottles over & over they have a 15-step process that cleans and sterilizes all their bottles so customer get a hygienic package and their landfills get nothing all their glass gets recycled. The company has presently only five dairies left in the state. They feel that their dedication and committed to providing quality products and friendly service has been the reason for their many years of success.
The company delivers on all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The dairy as to the delivery schedule will notify customer for these two holidays. Milk Boxes they can provide customer with a milk box, pictured right and that is galvanized metal and costs $49.95. This box becomes customer property.  The minimum order is $10.00 worth of products per delivery. Delivery Charge a delivery charge of $1.15 will is assessed for each delivery.