Agland Inc.


Agland has been in business since 1905 and has continued to provide its cooperative purpose for 96 years. The company is committed to be an innovative, well managed, customer-focused company providing quality goods and services while maximizing returns to its members.
Agland is one of the largest farm supply cooperatives located in Colorado. The company is located along the majestic plains with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains; Agland is located in Weld County, one of the richest farming areas in the United States. Currently, ranked 5th in the nation in terms of cash crop value and a variety of diversified agricultural products. Rich in land, cattle, dairy, and crops, Colorado is home to the 4,000 members that make up Agland.

The Agronomy Division provides a full line of fertilizer and farm chemicals, anhydrous ammonia, including spraying and application services that help producers grow the food America eats. Agland's Agronomy Division enhances the producer's ability to grow highly efficient feed, food grains and vegetable crops through advanced technology.
The company products and services are; Anhydrous ammonia, Dry fertilizer blends, Liquid fertilizer blends, Bulk and dry liquid fertilizers, Kugler liquid fertilizer blends, Elemax product line, Grasses, Full ag chemical line, Major seed brands, Hay, Wheat, Oats, and other commodity seeds. Agland's Feed and Nutritional Management Business Group is available to help customer with many products and services for their livestock operation.

Agland of the Rockies feed is manufactured through a newly upgraded mill partnered by Agland, Inc. and Land O'Lakes. This joint venture, Agland-Land O'Lakes Feed, LLC is located in Eaton, Colorado. Agland has its private brand label Agland of the Rockies feed formulated near the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The company is also available are a number of professional services to assist make customer operation efficient and profitable.

Agland's Feed and Nutritional Management Group has the expertise and technology to meet the ever changing demands in the livestock industry and is marketed through a dealer/distributor network within a five state region.