Brown Transfer Co Inc


Brown Transfer Co Inc was started in 1925.  They are currently a third generation family owned and operated business. Their corporate headquarter is situated in Kearney, Nebraska at the heart of the state. They have seven strategically located terminals through out their service area to provide the customers with consistent dependable service.

Their Omaha, Denver and Kansas City facilities enable us to extend the services coast to coast through our network of transportation partners. The company fleet which comprises of 80 Tractors, 335 Trailers.

The company provides transportation services with quality, flexibility in on time delivery. The transportation services they offer are among the best in the industry and their high level of service commitment is reflected in the partnerships which they form with their customers. They specialize in LTL services, which has extensive network of terminals throughout the region. With these terminals they are able to provide overnight service to all of the direct points.  They also offer truckload service within their direct service area. Their other services include electronic data interchange services (EDI), rental and leasing services and many more.  

They maintain facilities that are capable of protecting freight from extreme hot and cold temperatures. During conditions like the temperature drops below 15º F, they reserve the option to protect freight by keeping it in a protective environment. This prevents the damage of the freight.

Brown Transfer Team is rewarding and challenging. They provide opportunities for growth of the company. They provide inclusive benefits and packages for employees include competitive pay, life insurance and paid vacation and much more.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s goal is to be the industry leader in transportation to the Midwest. Their policy is to maintain a safe work environment throughout their system. Their programs include prevention of accidents, incidents, illnesses, and injuries and to fulfill obligation to protect the public and our employees.