Classic Carriers Inc


Classic Carriers Inc was established in 1985 by Mr. James B. Subler. They provide services in 48 states, with the majority of the service which is being performed in the Midwest. 
The company currently operates 125 power units and 180 air ride equipped trailers, which are equipped with logistics and e-track bars. They employ a combination of company drivers and owner operators, with a driver turnover rate not less than 20 percent for each of the past three years.  Classic Carriers Inc. is a full service logistics provider where they take great pride in their ability to adapt their resources for the needs of the customers. With their warehouse, they also have the ability to handle distribution services for their customers. They provide them with short and long term storage whenever necessary and also handle goods with JIT capability. 
The technology revolution at Classic Carriers continues with many projects approaching to completion.  Among the changes taking place are integration of their mobile communications equipment and their dispatching software and many more  All of these new tools should allow them to better meet the customers needs and make it easier and more efficient to communicate with their drivers.   

They have changed their mobile communications equipment to the Aether MobileMax 2 product in this year.  Certain units have been installed in nearly all trucks and despite no formal training was given for most of the drivers, they have had little if any difficulty in using the new tool at there disposal.  These units have provided them with an additional means of communicating with their drivers as well as hopefully providing them with more accurate information for fuel tax processing. 

The opportunities provided by them require some abilities like must be at least 23 years of age, must have a valid and current CDL and must have at least 1 year verifiable driving experience. They provide benefits to the drivers such as health insurance, weekly direct deposits and many more.

Their goal is to strive for excellence in the transportation industry through providing the highest quality service to the customers in a safe and efficient manner.  They will act as an industry leader by offering full service logistics with flexibility.