Crossett Inc


Crossett Inc was established in 1928. The company started with providing transport service with a single unit that consisted of a 780gallon tank attached to a Model T Ford truck chassis. Their small transport service grew and was incorporated in 1934 as William F. Crossett Inc and was later shortened to Crossett Inc 
This was just the start of CrossettÂâ€Ã¢„¢s involvement in tank trailer innovation. They worked with the local tank manufacturing plant, Pennco and other local companies. They continued to work with manufacturing companies to improve the tank trailer and its components with optimum efficiency.
Their locations as a bulk transporter of petroleum products are situated in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York. The corporate headquarters is located in Warren, PA with driver terminals in Oil City, PA, Bradford, PA, Kennedy, NY, Tonawanda, NY and Rochester, NY. They have the ability to haul a variety of petroleum based products, with an average fleet size of 65 company trucks, 15 owner-operator trucks and 190 company owned trailers.  

Their services pick up and deliver to sites throughout the eastern United States and Canada with the most traveled areas being like PA, NY, OH, WV and Ontario. A large part of their business is delivering gasoline and diesel fuel to service stations throughout NY and PA. They haul a variety of petroleum based products.
They use the latest technology in their order handling from starting to end. They are as an order is received either by phone, fax or e-mail their customer service professionals ensure that all information is complete in all respects. The order is then entered into their company in specific computer program then it is available for the dispatch department schedule. Once the order is delivered and complete, then it is invoiced in a timely manner by their invoice department.  

They employ experienced drivers and provide them with a stable and friendly working environment. They provide a benefit package to the employees, which include paid time off, health and drug coverage and many more.
Crossett Inc takes pride in being a high quality carrier with a very reputable safety record.
With their dedication and experience they provide superior maintenance services to the trucking industry.