Davis Cartage Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Davis Cartage Co was established in 1941 by Lyle & Maurice R. Davis. They purchased the Speedway Transfer Co from Charles S. Reese and formed the Davis Cartage Co. This was a limited common carrier company, which was authorized to use irregular routes. This limited the type of material which they could carry according to their state authorization but did not specify which roads they had to use.  

The company along with the purchase of the tractor, they also purchased an authorization for hauling general merchandise in and around Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. With these two purchases, Davis Cartage managed to grow and expand until they are ready in 1944 for more expansion. The company is an ISO certified company. Their headquarters are in Corunna, Michigan. Another Davis Cartage Co is situated in Niles, Michigan which is close to the Indiana border within a few hours from Chicago and Indianapolis. This terminal is servicing the drivers and freight from that region.  

Davis Cartage Co provides complete transportation services, which includes much more than simply moving freight from one location to another. Their truckload division offers service in 48 states, Ontario, and Quebec. They offer both single, and team-driver service to ensure timely, safe delivery of the goods.

They are currently expanding their climate controlled like heated, humidified and air conditioned warehousing facilities throughout Mid-Michigan. Their grocery and general merchandise warehouses exceed all FDA storage requirements. These modern, clean facilities are available 24hours per day, which offers complete EDI capability. Davis Cartage less than truckload (LTL) network has been designed to provide rapid transit times, with minimal handling to select markets.

Their consolidation center in Michigan automotive belt is ideal for just in time manufacturers. They reduce the customers total logistics costs through more effective inventory control and faster transit times. They also provide 8 axle trailer services. This unique service provides manufacturers and distributors with a strategic shipping alternative with moving volume loads within Michigan.

Davis Cartage Co provides the good benefits to the drivers like medical disability insurance, holiday and vacation pay and life insurance etc.

Their aim is to provide excellence in delivering value added logistical services while maintaining mutually beneficial long term relationships with their business partners.