Reed Oil Co


Reed Oil Company is a well known provider of home and commercial heating fuels, propanes, gasolines, petroleum equipment and lubricants for complete line of lubricants for all applications and all industries. Reed Oil Company markets to large and small commercial fleets requiring low sulfur diesel and/or off-road diesel fuels and has fuel and gasoline contracts with various major oil companies. Reed Oil operates two subsidiary companies; Automated Fueling Inc (AFI) and Last Minit Mart and serves heat and commercial fuel deliveries for customers.
Lubricants are supplied in bulk, drums, totes, kegs, pails, and cases, depending on the product and customer needs. offer specialty lubricants such as fire resistant fluids, (synthetic and water glycol), synthetic metalworking fluids and stamping and drawing compounds from American Chemical Technologies.
Reed Oil has partnered with Chevron to provide the highest quality Lubricants available for the customers. Industrial and Commercial Lubricants offered by Reed Oil include Hydraulic Compressor, Turbine, Oils, Gear Lubricants , Quenching, Honing, Paralux Process Oils etc.
Reed Oil Company is a branded gasoline distributor for BP/Amoco, Gulf, Marathon, Citgo, Texaco and Sun. Reed Oil sells off-road diesel, kerosene and home heating fuel oil for delivery at customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s home, farm or business and at self service convenience stores.
Reed Oil Company petroleum handling equipment repairs petroleum storage facilities and/or petroleum handling equipment. Reed Oil Company currently owns and operates seven automated fuel depots to service customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s car, van or truck fleet in the Western PA. Reed Oil Company offers new concept in business automotive fuel budgeting. Reed Oil Company provides large commercial market as per requirement.