Satilla Rural Electric Membership Corp


Satilla Rural Electric Membership Corp (SREM) is a new rural electricity movement which was started in 1937 in Southeast Georgia. SREM is a not-for-profit electric membership cooperative. The 42 electric membership cooperatives serve 3.7 million residents and over 75,000 commercial and industrial clients. 
SREM provide service for membership and electric service area with many benefits offered to members. SREM has a program for payment of death benefits to the estate and/or survivors of a deceased member and this payment of capital credits is a benefit of membership in SREM. Any individual or specific class of individuals, who feels that this organization has subjected them to discrimination may obtain further information about the statutes and regulations listed.
SREM bylaws require every member to sign a membership certificate and pay the nominal membership fee and apply service like as typical charges, other charges, and other
information. On new electrical services or rental property that has been vacant, may wish to call the local code enforcement department before visiting the office to ensure that everything is up-to-date on all permit requirements and SREM Engineering Department completes the necessary planning and staking and complete the appropriate membership documents. After staking is finalized and membership forms are complete, SREM await a call from the County Code Department approving any required, applicable permits, and a final call from the member. SREM provides service standards and related codes and maintains right-of-way areas to ensure dependable service. SREM have become so dependent on electricity that when the power is off it disrupts everything.
SREM accepts cash, check, major credit cards, online payment, bank drafts, and ACH payments. SREM apply rates for residential service and non-residential are totally different. Valuable appliances and sensitive electronics are protected by SREM residential surge suppression program against lightning and damaging electrical surges. SREM offers three packages as affordable lease options exclusively for members and is in partnership with Chase Card Services to offer two different Co-Op Power plus Visa Cards The low-rate card features a fixed introductory annual percentage rate (APR). SREM provides Electraflame electric fireplace with Easy to assemble; no nailing, gluing or costly remodeling required, safe to use as they do not produce any toxic gases like carbon monoxide.
SREM completes the demands of customers as per requirements and provides service with quality, performance, and a positive caring attitude.