Sentry Industries Inc


Sentry Industries started in 1984 as U.S. Chlorine, Inc. The company had one truck and one employee. The owner, Steve Sidelko was in charge of sales, accounting, tank installations, legal affairs, manufacturing and loading. Sentry Industries is one of the largest hypochlorite manufacturers in Florida. At that point, the name was changed to Sentry Industries, and the U.S. Chlorine product was changed to SAF-T-CLOR. Sentry Industries and SAF-T-CLOR are recognized as leaders in quality and service throughout the industry.
The company manufactures and distributes 10.5 percent sodium hypochlorite and distributes related water treatment equipment and supplies. The company maintains the highest standards for product quality and customer service. They also sold sodium bicarbonate, muriatic acid, and chemical metering equipment to the SAF-T-CLOR customer base.  

Sentry provides and installs a storage tank/containment basin system for qualified customers. The distributing shipping costs limit the Sentry distribution area. SAF-T-CLOR is available in the geographic area south of the line connecting Sarasota, Orlando, and Daytona Beach. SAF-T-CLOR is usually purchased in less than truckload quantities. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s full truckloads can be shipped anywhere in Florida on a F.O.B cost plus shipping formula.  

Sentry operates a Powell Continuous Bleach Plant with chlorine and caustic rail cars purchased from major producers. Finished product is filtered to less than one micron to eliminate quality variance due to impurities in the water or caustic soda. The plant is 100% internal recycle, which means that anything that is spilled or separated is recycled back into the finished product and sold. The plant is presently running at about 50% of full capacity.  

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest customers are pool wholesale companies or large pool service organizations. The percentage of business in the water and wastewater industry is increasing rapidly as municipalities look for alternatives to chlorine gas for disinfection. SAF-T-CLOR is registered with the E.P.A and NSF for use in drinking water. They have other important markets include industrial waste treatment, commercial laundries and agricultural applications.  
Sentry is fortunate to have qualified people throughout the organization. The Company employs 23 people and runs 12 trucks out of the original Miami location. USC Realty, a related company, owns the Sentry warehouse and two adjoining rental properties. Sentry looks forward to a steady 7-15 percent growth while maintaining their standards for product quality and customer service.