Shenandoah Valley Elec Coop


Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric utility. The company headquartered is located in Mt. Crawford, Virginia. Chartered on June 26, 1936, the company presently serves over 34,000 residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial accounts in the Virginia counties of Augusta, Rockingham and Shenandoah, and Hardy County, West Virginia. The company will provide reliable and safe electric service to all consumers within their service area at the lowest possible cost constant with sound management and cooperative principles. The Cooperative will provide an adequate supply of electricity to all SVEC energy consumers.
The company will continually calculate their members' needs and struggle to increase their expectations while taking an active role in the chase of opportunities advantageous to their members. Their member-owners have a voice in the leadership of the cooperative and in the direction that those leaders take and each member has one vote and all members have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting, held in June. Members receive a patronage refund of this Equity Capital over a period of time based on the policy of the Cooperative.
The company provides free home energy surveys to its residential members. The purpose of the survey is to assist consumers understand how they consume electricity and how to get the most for their energy dollar. The company offers two levels of surge suppression devices to its members. The basic program includes a meter-base unit that provides a warranty for the repair or replacement of standard white good appliances.
The second level of protection involves point-of-use surge protection devices. These devices plug directly into the wall to which the customer then plugs in their sensitive electronic equipment. The plug-in units also carry a warranty and are available for purchase over the counter and to point-of-use devices for the electrical connections, there are also units for cable TV and telephone hook-ups. A computer with electrical surge suppression equipment attached is not fully protected if it has a telephone connection.
A voluntary program where members allow the company cooperative to install a remotely controlled switch on their electric storage-type water heater. The Cooperative to control that heater during peak times of electrical demand system-wide. The purpose of this program is to assist individuals and families experiencing financial stress in making their winter energy bill payments.