Shuford Mills Inc


Shuford Mills LLC is a supplier to the markets serve by providing quality yarns and fabrics.
Shuford Mills Inc was established by Abel A. Shuford and N.H. Gwyn on Gunpowder Creek near Granite Falls, NC in 1880. With five plants, Shuford MillÂâ€Ã¢„¢s manufacturing base is comprised of three open-end and one ring spinning sales yarn plant and one weaving facility. All plants are located within a two county area surrounding corporate headquarters in Hickory, NC.
Shuford Mills manufactures a variety of quality open-end and ring spun yarn products including cotton, polyester/cotton blends 100% polyester and 100% acrylic. Products range in size from coarse to fine count as well as singles and plied yarn. Shuford Mills spun yarns is found in upholstery fabrics, woven and knit apparel, industrial fabrics, draperies, carpets and rugs, trimming, narrow woven and industrial sewing.
Open-End Yarns contains three types as 100% Cotton OE; KP, Polyester/Cotton OE Unbranded Open-End 100% Polyester. Ring Spun Yarns includes Unbranded Dyeable Ring Spun 100% Polyester and  100% Ring Spun Acrylic. Shuford Mills manufactures a complete line of high strength, knotless industrial sewing thread products for the multi-wall kraft paper bag and bag closer industries. Shuford Mills processes and ships the majority of thread orders within 24 hours. Air Jet Woven fabrics contains 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Scrim, 100% Spun Acrylic, 100% Spun Polyester Duck. All fabrics available in widths ranging from 50-72". Splice-Free Rolls . Shuford woven fabrics are used in Printed Outdoor Upholstery Fabric, Scrim backing for laminating, and medical Fabrics.
Shuford Mills LLC is dedicated to providing world-class quality products and service to achieve an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. Shuford Mills works continually to improve all of products and services through total associate involvement. All associates are committed to developing and strengthening partnerships with external and internal customers and suppliers. Shuford Mills Inc goal is to provide innovative, high quality products and services to enhance customers as per requirement.