Southco Distributing Co


Southco Distributing Company was started on 1981 with the purchase of Southern Wholesale Company. 
Southco continues to provide a knowledgeable network of support from the CEO of Southco to the person that delivers order. These factors contribute to continued growth, expansion and customer loyalty.
Southco carries a full line of food service products. Southco Distributing Company is on the leading edge of novelty sales. Although focus is currently directed at novelties in the mainstream, it has maintained momentum in building interest in the highly impulsive and profitable novelty category. Merchandise is managed regularly by a Novelty Specialist. The specialist is responsible for pricing, product rotation, pickup and delivery of items. The merchandise is ordered and invoiced at the customer site. This program offers bi-weekly or monthly as needed includes specialty racks that will fit customer space requirements. Full-service HBA division handles items in the novelty category while they service account. The full-service division works stores each week. Drop-shipment novelty program provides regular distribution of new novelty items. Store employees take care of the display of items with this option. Southco's policy is to stress giving the best overall service to customers.
Southco Distributing Co branded food concept include Sub Express and Pizza Primo, Squawkers and Autofry. Sub Express sub shops provide 17 varieties of sandwiches that are served hot baked. For operator convenience, pre-baked rolls, pre-sliced and pre-portioned ingredients are used. A breakfast menu is included. Autofry Model MTI-10 is the original deep-frying system from Motion Technology, Inc. It is ventless, fully-enclosed, fully-automated, and sits on a countertop. Autofry Model MTI-40C is a ventless, fully enclosed, fully automated countertop model featuring dual fry baskets.  Programmable controls, independent oil vats and a built-in Ansul fire suppression system. The MTI-40 produces up to 100 lbs of product per hour.
Merchandise is 100% guaranteed with all options and offers 50% markdown for selected items. The retailer retains margin and prior authorization by management and requires before the items are placed in the store.
Southco Pocket Order Pad application has many key features and benefits quick and easy ordering, force-out notification, substitute item notice, 13-week average default quantity, replenishment ordering. Southco Distributing Co offers unparalleled service, profitable solutions and professional relationships while creating an health work atmosphere.