Steel Service Inc


Thomas Jefferson Starke, Chairman of the Richmond Engineering Corporation started Steel Services Inc in 1946. 
Steel Service Inc manufactures the products like hot rolled carbon, alloy, galvanized, cold finished carbon, stainless, and aluminum.
Steel Service Inc offers service in Saw Cutting which closes tolerance sawing of bars and beams. Shearing in which precision shearing of sheets, plates, flats, rounds, angles and rebars. Shears and ironworkers can handle everything from light gauge sheets to one inch plate, from narrow strips to twelve foot wide plates. State of the art computer controls burning equipment which provides close tolerance shapes to specs. Everything from simple rings and discs to gear blanks can be burned. Modern HyDefinition and conventional plasma cutting equipment, using the latest technology provides ultra precise parts for plasma cutting by using CAD/CAM system. Beefed-up ironworker punches holes and saves dollars by eliminating costly drilling operations. Holes from 1/4 to 1-1/2 inch in diameter in material up to 1 inch thick can be punched in angles, clips or beams. Split tees and angles made from wide flange and channel shapes are produced by flame-cutting. Generally, any beam or channel 4 inch or deeper can be split. Tees and angles can also be straightened at an additional charge.
It offers plasma cutting from processing division located in Richmond facility. This machine, manufactured by MG Industries with Sigma Nest, a true shape nesting program allows to provide plasma cut parts as well as they offer HyDefinition plasma cutting for precision cut parts and high speed plasma cutting for large volume jobs.
Fact Sheet contains One 100 amp HyDefinition plasma cutting head, Two 200 amp conventional plasma cutting heads, 10' x 30' water filled cutting table with rust inhibitor, Burny 5 CNC controllers. In those types of material contains carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and virtually any electrically conductive material that is clean and flat. Machine accuracy to plus or minus 0.010 and motion repeatability of plus or minus 0.003 these are not actual cut part tolerances with accuracy. Actual cut part tolerances will depend on size and thickness of the part and which process is used. HyDefinition versus Conventional Plasma produces a more accurate part with better edge quality on material from 20 gauge to ½" thick than Conventional plasma.
Steel Services Inc provides products are of good quality and best in the industry.