Swanson Bark & Wood Products Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Swanson Bark & Wood Products (SBWP) was established by Ray Swanson in 1928 in Longview, Washington. The company's professional memberships include the Lower Columbia Contractors Association, etc. Swanson Bark & Wood Products is a member of the Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA) and the Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC). Swanson employees have served on the WORC's board of directors, as well as other boards.
They offer retail and wholesale customers a wide range of products including beauty bark, sand, soil mixes, sawdust, bedding material, rock, and much, much more. Swanson Bark and Wood Products is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services as efficiently as possible, offering products and services at competitive prices, treating customers and employees with fairness and respect etc.
Swanson Bark & Wood Products Inc Products is a nationally recognized supplier of mulch, custom soil mixes, and recycled wood products. SBWP packs a wide range of products in loose-fill bags or compressed bales including it mulches and barks of all types, soils, composts, and soil amendments, sawdust and shavings. SBWP product provides wholesale clients with a complete range of soil products and service solutions and sells the individual ingredients as well as finished mixes. To create a custom soil mix, SBWP sources the materials and produce precisely as per the needs of the customers. SBWP mix potting soils and grow mixes of all types, in addition to being able to provide composted materials that can be used as soil enhancers. SBWP are also able to design soil mixes based on customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ specific needs.
Swanson Bark & Wood Products offers homeowners, businesses, gardeners, and landscapers an extensive list of product choices. Bark dust is a wonderful material for improving and beautifying your home. It reduces weed growth, provides insulation for plants in both summer and winter, and improves soil texture by releasing valuable nutrients. SBWP have 12 types of bark in various grinds and species types. A single pickup load of bark provides approximately one-yard of coverage.
Swanson's wholesale services include sourcing products according to customers' needs, trucking of wholesale products, rail transportation of wholesale products, bulk products, custom bagging/co-bagging services and custom bagging/co-bagging services. Swanson Bark & Wood Products Inc goal is to provide superior service to customers with quality products.