Tip Top Poultry Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Tip Top Poultry Inc (TTP) is family owned and operated company started in 1947, acquired by Al Burruss. It is the largest baking and stewing hen marketer in the United States and services most of the national grocery stores with either Tip Top brands or private label product and also de-bones fowl and sells raw, boneless products to large and small prepared food manufacturers. 
TTP are a significant supplier of cooked, pulled and diced chicken meat to the food service and industrial market sectors. TTP cooked products find way to the consumer through local and national restaurants or through many prepared food products. TTP cooked products are used as ingredients in soups, salads, meat pies, baby food and many ethnic dishes.
Tip Top Poultry Inc products contain cooked, raw products. In that contain fully cooked pulled chicken, chicken broth, and comminuted chicken. TTP have a complete inhouse lab where they extensively test every product and takes extra precautions in all areas of facility to ensure only the highest quality products leave plant. TTP produces quality products for the retail consumer and custom designed raw de-boned products for prepared food customers. Tip Top is the largest packer of baking and stewing hens in the world. TTP sell fresh and frozen baking and stewing hens to most of the major grocery chains and wholesale distributors in the United States. TTP house brands are tip top, family feast, and top bee.
TTP is the largest packer of baking and stewing hens in the world. It is committed to being a premier supplier of USDA Inspected raw and cooked poultry products for retail sales, foodservice distributors, and industrial food processors. Quality includes strict adherence to customer's specifications, strict adherence to USDA regulations, ongoing review and improvement of all quality programs.
TTP also offer engaging, entertaining and educational sales training for marketing representatives. TTP offers other benefits and features of it fully cooked chicken meat include great for health-conscious customers and menu applications, a high flavor addition to creative recipes, and extremely versatile product.
TTP is committed to help and develop new products that increase profitability. Because of unique cooking methods, TTP are able to develop products that are high quality yet more cost effective. The consistency and predictability of the products developed also enhances image in the market place and allows to attract a larger customer base.
Tip Top Poultry Inc provides service with knowledge, quality with competitive price.