Town Pump Inc


Town Pump Charitable Foundation was established with the mission of providing financial support to Montana organizations with a priority of supporting or meeting basic needs and education of Montana citizens. Town Pump Charitable Foundation gave $120,000 for 60 defibrillator units to be placed in communities in need.
Town Pump Inc offers the latest technology in touchless car washes. Town Pump Inc offers the best wash like as works-wash, xTra-Wash, and the econo-wash. Town Pump Inc is located in Butte, Montana and has under gone a major renovation. An additional 500 potential emergency responders have been trained in the use of this valuable equipment. In cases where defibrillators are needed, Town Pump continues to provide funding for this device.
Town Pump Inc food stores are committed to provide customers excellence in quality and value in service and products offerings. Town Pump Inc cold deli is filled with great home-made sandwiches, using the finest meats and cheeses in unexcelled variety. Town Pump Inc uses only the freshest bakery products and specialty sandwiches are unique with unusual garnishment and construction for the discriminating customer.
Town Pump Inc is committed to marketing and selling tobacco products exclusively to adults and supports further government regulations designed to prevent sales of tobacco products to minors. The Laser Wash 4000(R) provides a better washing experience for vehicle and is totally touch-less and features hi-pressure and tri-color foam bath.
Town Pump Inc is ever vigilant of environmental safety through commitment to employ the best technologies available. Town Pump Inc standards exceed federal and state environmental regulations. Providing leadership in paying attention to every detail and communicating teamÂâ€Ã¢„¢s responsibility as caretakers of the business for employees, customers and communities. Provides team opportunities for personal and professional growth through long-standing commitment to train, develop, and promote.
Town Pump Inc goal is to ensure that Montanans have access to lifesaving devices in all communities, big and small. Town Pump Inc is a privately held Montana owned and operated business dedicated in providing excellence in customer service and hospitality at a fair and competitive price.