Western Farm Service Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Western Farm Service (WFS) operates more than 100 fully staffed facilities in California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Committed to the most advanced agricultural technology, WFS employs certified field men, agronomists, and operates an in-house advanced lab. This commitment has established WFS as the benchmark for superior agricultural retail services in the West.

Western Farm Service carries a full line of seed products. Some seed varieties include enhanced varieties that reduce the use of certain chemicals and produces specific crop output traits.

State-licensed professionals who offer a wide range of products and services service the Turf and Ornamental markets. Markets served include bedding, potted and container plants, cut flowers, turf, sod and golf courses. Advanced technologies in soil and tissue sampling are incorporated in customer recommendations. Precision Agri-Lab, located in Madera, California, provides centralized support for many of the advanced technical services offered by WFS. The main support areas includes soil and tissue testing, agronomic consulting, crop monitoring programs, precision agriculture, weather station installation and internet development. Western Farm Service, Inc. products do not exceed the standards for the non-nutrient metals arsenic, cadmium and lead as calculated below. Western Farm specializes in the distribution of approved organic products. Currently, the company is expanding their organic product lines. Western Farm Service, state licensed professionals, are experienced in all segments of the ornamental industry, including bedding plants, pot plants, turf and sod, container stock and cut flowers. Western Farm Service offers a wide range of products and services representing all major and relevant small suppliers of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. In addition, each local WFS location has other supplies such as soil amendments, spray equipment, injectors and hardware necessary for its customers.

Western Farm Service is committed to provide the highest service levels and best values to the customers.